Partnership with Stanford University

stanford-university-photoThe Handa Foundation began a new partnership in 2015 with Stanford University in California. The primary focus of the program is to teach surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists to work as a team and to use a safe surgery checklist that was developed by the World Health Organization. The use of the checklist has proven to reduce complications related to surgery by as much as 30%, and the goal of the program is to expand this training to all of the public and private hospitals in Cambodia.

Through the generous support of professor Dr. Thomas Weiser, Stanford University Medical School has invited surgeons and nurses from the World Mate Emergency Hospital to receive training in California, and Dr. Weiser also spent the month of July in Battambang to kick off the new program.

Handa Nursing School in Vientiane, Laos

nursingpicIn January of 2010 an organization called Worldwide Support for Development, led by Dr. Haruhisa Handa, donated funds to support the construction of a nursing school and dormitory as well as a mother and child hospital. In January of 2013, after reflecting on the completion of these new facilities, Dr. Handa encouraged his staff at The Handa Foundation to begin looking for ways to support these new facilities.

Since that time The Handa Foundation has sponsored trips and workshops for healthcare professionals in Laos to learn from their peers in the region, has recruited nursing professionals from the USA and the UK to volunteer their time at the Handa Nursing School, has helped the Handa Nursing School acquire a new 14-seat van to shuttle nursing students to the more remote training sites of the University of Health Sciences, and is providing much needed scholarships for the faculty of the school to improve their medical knowledge as well as their English language skills.

The Handa Medical Center in Battambang, Cambodia

hmcpicThe Handa Medical Center was opened adjacent to the campus of the World Mate Emergency Hospital in 2013. The new Handa Medical Center has been warmly welcomed by the community, and now includes 10 consultation rooms, a new pharmacy, a new laboratory, new administrative offices, and a 10-bed inpatient facility.

The Handa Medical Center has the unique three-fold strategy of providing high-quality medical services, providing on the job training for young Cambodian doctors and nurses, and producing surplus revenues that are donated to support the free care provided at the World Mate Emergency Hospital next door. By providing a general medical facility for the general population, local medical professionals can learn advanced medical techniques while at the same time helping the underprivileged.

Handa Global Scholars Program in London, England

londonpicIn 2014 The Handa Foundation launched the Handa Global Scholars program in partnership with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Scholarships are now provided to allow Cambodian medical professionals to get their Masters Degrees in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The Handa Foundation also has the privilege of having Dr. Peter Piot, the Director of the London School, contribute to health conferences organized by The Handa Foundation and provide advice related to the organization’s healthcare initiatives.

Handa Model Farm in Battambang, Cambodia

farmpicnewThe Handa Model Farm is located just ten minutes from the Handa Medical Center in Battambang, and has approximately four hectares of rich farmland for cultivating tree fruits and other vegetables. It has the two-fold strategy of being a center that hosts training events in farming techniques for the local community, while also generating excess revenue that is donated to support the free medical care that is provided to the poor at the World Mate Emergency Hospital.

Support for the Sentabale charity in Lesotho, Africa

Sentabale was founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso in 2006, and it delivers psychosocial support to adolescents living with HIV, as well as providing care and education to orphans, children living with disabilities and young shepherds, know as ‘herd boys’, whose cultural obligation of tending livestock prevents them accessing education. The Handa Foundation began supporting Sentabale in 2015 with donations towards the construction of dormitories in Lesotho, as well as supporting various fundraising activities such as a concert headlined by Coldplay in Kensington Palace on June 28, 2016.

Partnership with Curtin University

In 2014 a new and unique partnership was launched between Curtin University in Western Australia, and the Handa Foundation called the Go Global Program. The Go Global Program is designed to bring college students in their final year of study to have a hands-on medical experience with patients and staff in Battambang, Cambodia.

Curtin University trains students to be professionals in many fields including nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The students stay for six weeks at a time and are able to directly apply what they have learned. This is also a special partnership because the Honorary Chairman of The Handa Foundation, Dr. Haruhisa Handa, is himself a graduate of Curtin University.